Google Nexus 6 Release Date Possibilities

Nexus 5 has hardly left a long way in the marketplace since its launch, and the reports previously existing in the Smartphone industry is nowadays completely concentrated on the release date of the Nexus 6 by the Google.

Google has maintained a good and secure reputation in the Smartphone industry so far it has made public a number of Smartphone’s into the market ago. The imagined model of the next Nexus series is supposed to include an X design.

Nexus 6 release date

Google Nexus 5, which was currently made public, brought a 4.5 Jelly Bean that creates it even more probable for the Google Nexus 6 in order to avail with the same OS of 4.5 jelly beans. The images, which are featured in each and every page on the internet, replicate images of the Google Nexus 6 that essentially looks identical to the Nexus 5. The 2 Smartphone’s based on the Android OS, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 is probably to discover their superior market in the year 2014. Due to the fact that the previous Nexus had a previously introduction to the captions of many news on the internet, its elevated sales will surely show up much in advance as compared to the Nexus 6.

The main question here is, which Smartphone provides superior results between them? If both will include the same specifications, which will offer superior results? Both Smartphone’s look similar, but it is imagined that there will be several performance variations possible. It is being noticed that Google has been on the progress and collaborated with LG ago, particularly in the Nexus 4 launches. The company is collaborating with Motorola, with the next Nexus series device. If you have perceived, Motorola has previously available with other launch possibilities to strike the marketplace in December 2013. The new release by Motorola is the Moto G, has undergone very high expectation and admire from its enthusiasts, and Google might have made an accurate option to collaborate with Motorola.

Yet times are gone for the Nexus 6 release date and the speculations are declaring 3rd quarter as the Google Nexus 6 release date. Why Google has opted for this, it is uncertain, but there might be some association related to that due to the moving trend of Motorola. It is also expected that Nexus 6 will look as HTC One, which made users excited that they will get something different. Even though, the designs seem same, Google is probably to make the performance and specs superior with the objective of layering up the triangle in an effective note.

Users are forever seeking something new that means that if Google will not do this, it is possible to discover lowest market ever. But once more time, the Google has maintained the pace for making revolutionize, then the Smartphone device will completely discover a good get-together in the marketplace. 2014 is imagined to include various Smartphone releases; hence, every device has acquired to play its accurate game for meeting the customer’s interests. Alternatively, the customers are seeking forwards to obtain the newest releases hugely. You can have more information about the Nexus 6 release date and remember to subscribe us.

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